Nestled approximately 180 kilometers northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, lies the charming Village of Myrnam, strategically positioned at the crossroads of regional Highways 45 and 881. Steeped in history, Myrnam traces its roots back to the early 1900s, with the establishment of a post office in 1908 and the subsequent development of a CPR siding and townsite in 1927.

In the midst of a lively debate among residents regarding a suitable name for the Village, a pivotal moment arose. Seeking an end to dissension, one resident passionately proposed “Myrnam,” resonating as “peace to us” in Ukrainian. With this meaningful suggestion, harmony prevailed, and the Village officially earned its incorporation in 1930.

Boasting a rich heritage, Myrnam once graced the landscape with five grain elevators along the CP railroad. Today, it stands as a welcoming haven, a place to call home. Embodying the spirit of many small communities in Alberta, Myrnam extends a plethora of opportunities for both young families and seniors alike.

An active recreational scene adds vibrancy to daily life, offering activities such as golf, curling, snowmobiling, and organized sports. Meanwhile, seniors partake in enjoyable activities tailored to their interests. The Village is equipped with essential amenities, including a nationally recognized Kindergarten to Grade 12 school, a seniors’ residence, gas station, restaurant, hairdresser, bank, post office, and a local food store.

Myrnam’s economic landscape is further enriched by a seed cleaning plant, and a fertilizer facility. This blend of history, community, and diverse offerings makes Myrnam not just a location but a thriving and dynamic community.

Myrnam Dove Park serves as a tranquil oasis nestled in the heart of the Village, offering visitors a serene space to unwind and explore the numerous plaques adorning memorial and volunteer monuments dedicated to esteemed current and former residents. The Dove Society diligently works to enrich the village and park’s ambiance each year. Periodically, local organizations choose the park as a venue for outdoor concerts or various community-building activities, further fostering connections among residents.