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The Town of Two Hills, Village of Myrnam, and County of Two Hills jointly entered into a Regional Governance Study to ensure that residents in each community and across the region are receiving the highest level of service possible, in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Part of this study includes a review of current service and program provision across all three municipalities to identify where positive adjustments could be considered.

This Regional Governance Study is being funded in full through an Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) grant, made available by the Government of Alberta. Transitional Solutions Inc. (TSI) was contracted to undertake the project with full objectivity.

As part of this process, residents of each community are invited and encouraged to complete the following survey. Results will help provide TSI with insight into how well residents are being served through existing service levels and programs. Surveys should be submitted no later than March 22, 2024.

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your input is valued and important.

Link to Survey

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Thank you to ATCO for sponsoring the movies for a year!

Thank you to New Myrnam School for providing a venue for movie night during the cold months.

Thank you to Myrnam Ag. Society for providing a venue for movie night during the warm months.

The Village of Myrnam, in cooperation with New Myrnam School, have succeeded in their efforts of deriving clean, pure energy from the sun, reducing our dependency of fossil fuels, and reducing emissions by purchasing and installing two ground-mounted solar panels to add to the roof-mounted solar panel at the Career and Technology Education Centre (CTEC).  

The “Leading Our Community Towards Net Zero” project is focused on converting the Village of Myrnam’s CTEC facility into a net zero electrical energy building. Led by students who have completed a forensic energy audit, the project aims to reduce energy consumption by making energy efficiency improvements on the building’s HRV units. The grid tied solar project received approval from the Village council, and the students have secured funding from grants and local organizations. The installation of the solar array involved planning, construction, and commissioning, and the project’s success will be evaluated through ongoing monitoring of energy usage and production. The project demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability and provides insights into the challenges and opportunities of implementing renewable energy solutions in a rural community.

The installation of the solar panels at our village’s CTEC building has opened the eyes and minds of our students and community to the limitless possibilities of alternative energy sources.  The panels will significantly reduce the village’s power bill and will be a major driver in keeping the village viable and sustainable.  By working closely with the school, and even having students attend council meetings, the social consciousness of these young people has been raised to the point where they are enthusiastically brainstorming to introduce new ideas that are eco friendly and environmentally responsible. 

Mayor Donna Rudolf

Many thanks are deserved as this project would not be possible without the dedication of the leaders of our community and our Province.

  • New Myrnam School principal, vice principal, staff and students,
  • Village of Myrnam Council and staff
  • Municipal Climate Change Action Centre which is a partnership of Alberta Municipalities, the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta. Funding for the Alberta Municipal Solar Program was provided by the Government of Alberta.
  • Alberta Student Action Challenge Grant
  • A+ For Energy Grant – Inside Education
  • Foundation for Environmental Stewardship
  • Learning for a Sustainable Future
  • ATCO Clean Energy Community Fund


Message from Medical Officer of Health: Rising cases of pertussis in the area

Next Council Meeting

Regular Council Meeting – April 18, 2024 9:00 A.M.

Myrnam Community Library

Did you Know The Myrnam Community Library is open during school hours as well as until 7PM every Tuesday and Thursday? If doors are locked please ring the doorbell on the left side of the doors or call 780 366 3801

Check out this page for more info: Myrnam Community Library – The Village of Myrnam

Weekly Preparedness Message (provided by Provincial Operations Centre)

Water shortages happen for a variety of reasons including drought, planned utility repairs and maintenance or unexpectedly, such as extreme temperature fluctuations causing pipes to freeze or burst. They can last minutes, days or longer and can affect a single property, a building, a community, or an entire region. Be Prepared when an unexpected water shortage occurs with these tips:
* Store bottled water for drinking, cooking and hygiene (4 liters per person per day).
* Create a contact list that includes your water service provider and emergency plumbers.
* Draw a map of your property’s main water line, add all fixtures and appliances with independent water valves, and include instructions on how to turn them on and off.
*Make an emergency cookbook with recipes that don’t require water.

Learn more about tips and strategies to conserve water.

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Tax Instalment Payment Program

Would you like to pay your taxes monthly instead of once a year? Check out our Assessment and Taxation webpage and bylaw for more information.

Making Tax and Utility Payments

Many residents who are Servus and ATB customers pay bills online or in person when visiting their bank. Others pay via E-transfer to Perhaps you might consider this simple payment option. If you need to pay a bill in person, please deposit you payment in the deposit slot in the front door.

A Word of Caution about Certain Products entering the Sewer System

Many individuals are using laundry pods, sanitary wipes, paper towels and other heavier paper products. Although some of these are described as biodegradable, they do not break down as quickly as toilet paper. These can place a strain on your personal sewers and the Village sewer infrastructure. We recommend that anything other than toilet paper not be placed in the sewer system. Place these securely in disposable bags and include them in your weekly garbage.