Payments Options

In Person

Payments may be received by cheque, debit, Mastercard or Visa at the Village Administration Office during regular business hours. If you prefer to pay cash in person please note that you will need to bring the exact amount you wish to pay as we do have any cash on-site.


The Village offers automatic withdrawals for monthly utility and/or monthly or annual taxes.

Utilities – please complete this form and return it with a void cheque to the Village Administration Office.

Taxes – for the monthly Tax Instalment Payment Program please click this link for more information.


The Village also accepts e-transfer as a payment option. Please direct etransfers to and include your account number or invoice number and type of payment (e.g. utilities, taxes, business license, animal license).


The Village of Myrnam also accepts online payments for invoices of Municipal services with select credit cards through the secure OptionPay System (with applicable third-party fees) for a fee.  

In order to make your payments online, there are some required numbers on your notices/bills that you will need. See the following for examples:

Sample Tax Notice Invoice Sample Utility Invoice